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Diamond Protective Films is a Calgary based business that is working hard each day to revolutionize the automotive paint protection industry. Our core values revolve around providing our dealers with a new and revolutionary product that installs easily, and looks great, all at a competitive price.

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Our doors are always open to create long-lasting relationships with auto dealerships, and paint protection installers. Drop us a line, and we can help get you started as soon as possible!


Revolutionary Features, Revolutionary Prices


Nano-Ceramic Top Coat
Our propitiatory topcoat is what gives our film it’s amazing luster and self healing properties. It consists of a specially formulated hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating produced from nano-ceramic molecular compounds for easier maintenance.


High Density Urethane Film:
A reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane layer, designed to cushion and maintain the structural intergrity of the film from debris impact.



High-Conform Urethane Film:
Aliphatic urethane assists in the film’s malleability to conform to sharper curves assisting in difficult installations



Imported Premium Acrylic Adhesive:
Specially formulated to reduce stretch marks and silvering, increasing the ease of installation. Imported from our world class European chemical manufacturing experts.



Ultra Smooth Frosted Liner:
Ultra smooth poly liner to reduce orange peel effect and to protect the film during transport

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Calgary Headquarters

2835, 23 Street NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E7A4
Phone: 403-909-0538